October 28, 2014

robot helm

The owner of the pumpkin patch concludes his haunting spiel with an offer of $10,000 dollars to anyone brave enough to spend Halloween night manacled to the skeleton scarecrow in the middle of the pumpkin patch. His harrowing tale of past Halloweens here has blanketed the few gathered with terrified silence. You, however, are made of sterner stuff. You step forward and volunteer loudly. The owner smiles.

It is Halloween night, and you are staring at the moon while manacled to the ridiculous skeleton scarecrow. You are warmly bundled against the chill air and grow drowsy. Half asleep, you sense movement. Your head snaps back, and you stare at the grinning skeleton. Stupid dream, you think. You note that the moon has made substantial progress across the black sky. Slept longer than I thought, you think. You flex your legs and waggle your head, adjusting to a new comfort. You nod off again, head lolling forward. In your dream the skeleton taps you on the neck. You awake. The moon is gone, leaving behind an inky sky sprayed with stars. You feel another tap, as if from an icy finger tip, on your neck. You turn your head. There she is. You die.

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