April 19, 2015

Loon: Today the Lords of the 4th Dimension have brought forth  a celebrity by the name of Alfred Hitchcock, who was an important filmmaker, they tell me. Welcome to the 3 Question Interview, Mr. Hitchcock.

Alfred’s ghost: Good evening.

Loon: I don’t know a lot about films. The last one I saw was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Was that one of yours?

Alfred’s ghost: No. Bang Bang sounds promising, although Chitty Chitty is quite out of the question.

Loon: Did you have a favorite movie?

Alfred’s ghost: Funnily enough, no.

Loon: Why were your movies so famous?

Alfred’s ghost: I attempted to place the emphasis on pure sentiment and whimsy with a beguiling touch of murder, and for my efforts I was rewarded with moderate adulation and adequate pay.

Loon: Thank you for your time, Mr. Hitchcock.

Alfred’s ghost: Good evening. (floats off)

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