June 1, 2015

2015-05-30 10.22.44

The triffid queen arrived on Earth for an inspection tour, and the loon was granted an exclusive interview with her.

Loon: Welcome to Earth, oh Queen. How have you enjoyed the tour so far?

Triffid Queen: Frankly, I am shocked to see how easy our task of conquest will be, what with the self-defeating activities of the idiotic dominant species. I didn’t believe the reports, and that is why I came to see for myself. You really are quite stupid, you know.

Loon: Yes, I know. I’ve always been dumb. It runs in my family. When do you see the final takeover happening, Your Majesty?

Triffid Queen: Our triffid lives are measured in thousands of your years, Earthling. We’re in no rush. Happily, we’ll relax, wait, and allow you to do the job for us.

Loon: We might change our ways.

Triffid Queen: (laughs and laughs and laughs)

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