August 18, 2015

The space goon tripped over some upstart moon and bent the node on his device. Another awkward start to another awkward time frame. He leaped quickly upright, hoping no one had seen his clumsy fall. In the process of leaping upright, he failed to compensate for gravitational quirks, causing his pants to rip. Thoroughly embarrassed, he blushed sparkly crimson and minced edgewise away from the populated center of the nebula, hoping thereby to avoid any close encounters of the worst kind. His hopes were dashed when in his ear rang the mocking cry, ‘Nice trip. See you next fall.’  He whirled around and saw the silly grin on the face of the handsome giant space marmot.

‘Drat,’ said the space goon.

‘Drat indeed,’ said the giant handsome space marmot.

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