October 31, 2015

Dave Fenderber was content, nay, ebullient. The boss had given him a substantial raise, a key to the executive lounge, and a new Rolls Royce. He fairly floated on wings of joy and the elevator up to the 121st floor, where with his new key he opened the golden door to the executive lounge. Bowing toadies, clad in gray satin caftans and wearing elegant snoods, welcomed him and indicated with graceful dance where Dave could partake of refreshment. He sauntered over to the bar and examined its generous stock of spirits. Selecting the green liquid in the crystal decanter solely for its beauty, he poured himself a neat portion in a shot glass. He nodded a salute at the toadies and drained the glass with one quick tilt of his head. The toadies then attacked and ate him.

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