November 21, 2015

Mildred, the Information Gathering Platypus, waddled into the swamp, gathering information as she went. Water density, insect count, and slop distribution were among the items she tallied and tucked away into the folds of her efficient mind.  She paused in alarm when she noticed a cream colored 1948 Studebaker automobile hovering nearby.

‘Here now,’ she said.

‘That’s right,’ said the Studebaker. ‘And not only am I here now, but I’m here then, and I’ve been authorized to offer you a ride to Serendipity. Care to accept?’

Mildred weighed a life in the swamp gathering information against a ride in a shiny new talking car. Without a look back, she rode off in the Studebaker and was soon known as Mildred, the Platypus With The Nifty Flying Studebaker.

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