January 24, 2016

Loon: I have the honor, privilege, and golden opportunity today to conduct the 3 question interview with the ghost of Mr. Charles Dickens, who famously wrote many famous books, so I am told. Welcome, sir, and may I begin by asking a question about your childhood?

Dickens’ ghost: You may.

Loon: I know I should probably ask about your famous stories and such. Are you sure you don’t mind me dithering on about things you’d rather not recall or not, as the case may be?

Dickens’ ghost: I would be delighted to answer any question you decide to pose.

Loon: Good. Well now, are you all ready and comfortable?

Dickens’ ghost: Most assuredly.

Loon: Unfortunately, I’ve reached my 3 question limit. Thank you for dropping by.

(Removing his head and tucking it under his arm, Dickens’ ghost somersaults through the window. The Loon wanders off and bumps into the door, forgetting to open it.)


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