March 27, 2017

Banished, the crimson stethoscope paused at the top of the hill to look back at the hospital one last time.

‘Move along,’ ordered the escort, a humorless rib spreader.

‘Take it easy, Jack. I’m going,’ said the stethoscope, waving its  earbuds in an obscene manner.

‘Right. That’s it,’ said the rib spreader, and it fair flung the crimson stethoscope far over the hill and down the other side.

‘And I’d do it again!’ the stethoscope called up to the disgusted and departing rib spreader.

‘Whatever did you do?’ asked a bunny, poking its head out of the ground near the stethoscope.

‘None of your business,’ said the stethoscope.

And the bunny spent the rest of its life in an unsuccessful quest to discover the stethoscope’s crime. The obsession caused it to lose all of its hair and to develop a debilitating quiver and twitch syndrome which veterinarians from all over the world came to observe.

The crimson stethoscope moved to Venice and continued for years to ply undiscovered its dastardly trade.

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