April 26, 2017

‘I am so lovely,’ said the Magnificent Witch of Oin.

She smiled at her image in the pearl encircled mirror. She shook her head softly side to side to watch her lustrous tresses sway. She sighed at the glorious sheen of her draped red satin gown. Could her hands be any lovelier? While gazing at their shapely perfection, she thought not.


A pair of travelers moving along the stream flowing through the canyon of Oin paused.

‘What’s that there?’ said one, a stranger from a distant land. He pointed up to the mouth of a cave in the canyon wall.

‘Oh, nothing of any concern,’ said the other, a farmer from the verdant plain spreading out from the mouth of the canyon. ‘It’s only Mad Mag, the Ragged Hag of Oin. She wanders about in rags like that, grinning and posing. She eats bats and insects. Around here she’s considered to be a lucky charm of sorts.’


She couldn’t help but notice the pair of knights regarding her with subservient awe. She nodded regally in their direction, then raised her perfect chin to a noble expression of supremacy.

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