May 28, 2017

Loon: A woman’s ghost named Mary Shelley from some previous time has been brought to us by the Lords of the 4th Dimension to undergo the Three Question Interview. As a ghost of yore, Mistress Mary, aren’t you envious when you see how the stoves of today with burners and ovens are so much easier to work with?

Shelley’s ghost: I possess a paucity of interest in such devices.

Loon: Let me try another topic. When push comes to shove, what do you enjoy the most, rowing or jogging?

Shelley’s ghost: My temperament is most suited to tranquil pastimes. I find sitting in the garden a restful occupation.

Loon: I can’t help but notice by your accent that you might be from some other land. Does it rhyme with pants?

Shelley’s ghost: No.

(Boris Karloff’s ghost drives up in phantom buggy, climbs down from perch, escorts Shelley aboard, reascends to perch, drives off. Loon turns away with a shrug)

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