June 27, 2017

Steal lots of raw oats from a horse. Pass enough of them through your golden funnel into your cauldron to fill it half full. After midnight, infiltrate a bowling alley and scrape detritus from any single lane bumper. Return to cottage and drop scrapings into cauldron. Go to your well and draw enough water to fill your tea kettle. Throw filled tea kettle away while pretending not to. Draw more water from the well and put it in your hat. Return to cottage and pour contents of your hat into cauldron. Stir mixture with the blade of an oar vigorously until morning. Your generic spell recipe is now ready to be used to make potions. Potions are most powerful when any further ingredient needed to produce desired spell – eye of newt, ear of politician, etc. – is added to 1/2 cup of generic spell mix.

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