February 26, 2018

The experiment went terribly wrong, and the professor quickly left on a journey to Tibet, after ordering his housekeeper, Mrs. Goody, to undertake the care of the thing. She did so reluctantly, but at her age finding another position would prove difficult. A comfortable routine developed in time. Mrs. Goody kept the bathtub filled and fed bits of wolf to the thing by hand. The thing seemed to thrive in the wretched filth of the narrow water closet.

One morning when Mrs. Goody  unlocked the door, she discovered the thing gone. A hole bashed in the wall next to the sink gave evidence of its escape. Mrs. Goody realized burning the house down offered her salvation. She did so without delay. She fled London for Cornwall on the afternoon train. That night, London’s long horror of The Deep Night Ripper commenced.

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