May 15, 2018

When Lyle Persephone strummed his mandolin while wandering along the lane, the lane emptied. When he took to the stage of the opera house, mandolin in hand, the opera house emptied. Is it any wonder that the king sought a volunteer to snatch Lyle’s mandolin. The fact that nobody volunteered was understandable, for Lyle was fierce and widely known to be incredibly dangerous. That is why Pedge, the Fool, was assigned the task.

With only a hey-nonny-no and a funny hat to aid him, Pedge confronted Lyle at the abandoned mill.

“I don’t suppose it’s true that mandolin strumming is really fun for a long time, and then suddenly you die, nonny-no,” said Pedge.

“Zounds,” commented Lyle, dropping the mandolin and running away.

Pedge was rewarded by not being garroted.

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