June 17, 2018

Loon: For the 3 Question Interview, the Lords of the 4th Dimension have produced for our encouragement today a famous stage performing singer I have never heard of, Ethel Merman. Welcome, shouldn’t your name be Ethel Mermaid instead of Merman?

Merman’s ghost: Is that supposed to be funny? And it’s Zimmerman to you, pal.

Loon: Ah. I hear by the pain in my ear that you probably can sing loud. Did you sing loud?

Merman’s ghost: Loud. Soft. Whatever you need, I got it.

Loon: Finally, do you have any advice for young performers?

Merman’s ghost: Yeah. Get up there and do it. Don’t mess around. Is that it? (leaves swiftly)

Loon: Join me next week for another fascinating in depth probe of ghostly wisdom. (puffs up, impressed with self)

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