August 12, 2018

Loon: The Lords of the 4th Dimension inform me that today’s guest on the 3 Question Interview, one Betsy Broderick, played the part of Peter Pan in a silent movie once. Tell me, Betsy, did they teach you how to fly for real or not?

Bronson’s ghost: My name is Betty Bronson, not Betsy Broderick, and yes, I did learn how to fly for the role of Peter.

Loon: 2nd question. What did you know about Mars in those olden days?

Bronson’s ghost: Oh, I flew to Mars and lived there for several years. The olives on Mars are really good.

Loon: And finally, about peanut butter. Chunky or smooth?

Bronson’s ghost: Neither. I only eat the shells. (tosses a rope straight up through the ceiling, climbs it and disappears.)

Loon: Join me next week for another 3 Question Interview with a famous ghost. (bows, leaves the room.)

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