October 28, 2018

Loon: The Lords of the 4th Dimension thought that having Pyewacket, a spirit in the form of a black cat, for the 3 Question Interview would be Halloween appropriate. So, without ado of lengthier measure, let us begin. Pyewacket, is your name taken from Elmer Fudd describing the noise made by a table of pies collapsing?

Spirit of Pywacket: You will die.

Loon: Ha ha. Seriously, is it true you served a witch in 1644?

Spirit of Pyewacket: Your beating heart shall be torn from your chest.

Loon: Ha ha. So, black cats are supposed to be evil and all that. Do you resent that stereotype?

Spirit of Pyewacket: Your body shall be consumed by rats.

Loon: Ha ha. And a Happy Halloween to all.

(Loon turns to go. Spirit of Pyewacket leaps, talons unsheathed.)

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