March 23, 2019


Act 1 Scene 1

Trembellina Wafer, daughter of the Chapstick King, is reluctant to wed the barn owl attendant her father has chosen for her. She sings about it and leaves on a goat for America. The goat sings the famous ‘Burden Song’.

Act 1 Scene 2

In an underground fortress, a chorus of demons sings of lust and vengeance. Barnabus, the cradle maker, enters on his magic cow. Barnabus and cow sing the plaintive ‘Where is My Violin?’ The demons disperse, weeping.

Act 2

Trembellina and Barnabus meet in Peoria, Illinois. It’s love at first sight, and they sing the unforgettable 49 minute duet, ‘How Splendid It is to Purchase Shoes’. They marry and die of happiness.

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