April 7, 2019


Harrison Mult, attorney-at-law, posing as if being considered for a seat on the Supreme Court, studied the menu.

“Hello, my name is Legion. I’ll be your meal escort today. Are you ready to order, sir?” said the waitress, pen at the ready, hair bunned, glasses on chain, focus located.

“I was born ready,” said Harrison Mult, attorney-at-law, foot floor tapping, knuckle table rapping.

“What’ll it be then?”

“How fresh is the salmon?”

“I had to slap its face. It made a comment. Fresh enough.”

“I’ll have that and a glass of smoke.”

“Salmon and smoke. Will that be all?”

“That’s what she said,” replied Harrison Mult, attorney-at-law, eyebrow shaving, blonde at bar waving.

A citizen’s arrest was thereupon made by a stranger in a green trench coat. He turned out to be an armadillo. Fortunately, no newspapers survived, and silliness was kept at a minimum.

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